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Celebrating 59 Years

Of Our Family Owned & Run Business

One thing that has never changed since 1964. . .

a commitment to affordable quality printing & quick turn around times.

Craig G. LaBue

• The business is established in 1964 by Fran & Sam LaBue as LaBue Printing.

1989, acquired, owned & run by Craig G. LaBue. LaBue Printing Incorporated is formed.

• 1992, a new modern 5000 sq ft facility was built at our present location along with many upgraded equipment purchases

Through our growth I was committed to never turn down any of our smaller clients

that got us to where we were at the time.

All the fundamental thoughts & ideas of my parents were upheld then as they are today.

Craig G. LaBue

• Throughout the years equipment updates are continually added to grow with our clientele & their needs.

• 2002 Short Run Digital printing was added to our conventional offset printing for quicker turn around times & cost savings.

• 2006 Wide format printing offering banners, posters, decals, small signage and more was added to our growing list of services

• Continued partnering with many reliable vendors/suppliers to offer quality specialty services our clients expect.

• 2015 Mailing Services are now in-house to help complete your printing, finishing & distribution projects.

• Currently LPI has converted over to a totally chemical free, ultra-fast digital printing environment.

Thank you to all who have supported us for the past 59 years.

Have you visited LPI lately?  If not . . . maybe you should.

We are a leader in the printing industry right here in your backyard.

No other competitor can compare!

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